Wednesday, 31 October 2007

My first Halloween (31-10-2007)

Hello it is me again. Today is my first Halloween, but as you can see, my parents are really not all that bothered. In fact, the do not even play 'trick or treat' at the door (they just don't answer the door). Instead there are some photos of me.....eating (again) and then helping to clear all the mess up (not) and having a 'nose' in one of the drawers. I found all sorts of good 'stuff' to play with. I am pulling myself up onto anything now, happily stand and play wherever, but I still prefer crawling for moving around.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Some action shots of me, me, me and me (28/10/2007)

I just thought I might show of some of my skills! Fast crawling, I can pull myself to stand, I love playing at the table whilst standing up (I am much better now at falling back onto my 'nappy-padded-bottom') and I can walk along the furniture (not very fast yet).

I particularly like playing with a cardboard box, brilliant to 'drum' on. Mummy got me a stack-able toy, I am trying to stack it (not very successful yet) and push a stacked tower over (very successful). The other thing I love doing, at home and at nursery, is moving the little wooden chairs forwards and backwards, banging them against something to make a lovely loud noise :-)