Thursday, 20 September 2007

Me messing about :-) (20/09/2007)

Well, I can properly crawl better hide and secure everything you have got as I am coming to get it :-). Pulling out Cd's, books or just going for anything that is not a toy, loving it! I can also pull myself to stand, at the table, the settee, the cot bed, the changing table and in the bath. Small problem......I can not quite get down yet. If mummy helps me a little bit, i can fall back onto my bum. If I try it myself.......I just fall backwards or sideways and bump my head. I have also discovered the washing-basket, it rolls, it tumbles and spins....brilliant! I LOVE it when anybody claps or applauds me, singing songs or I try to 'dance' whilst on hands & knees to the music. I am saying bababababa, mamamamama, rrrrrrrrrrr, lalalalalala, mmmmmmm, dadadadada, oooooooo..........not in any particular order or meaning yet :-). As for eating, I am trying toast with 'appelstroop', jam sandwiches, roasted vegetables, meat, fish......anything, I will have a go! We had pictures taken at my nursery the other day.....I will show them when I have got them XXXXXXXXXX