Thursday, 30 August 2007

My 1st day at nursery (30/08/2007)

Today was the 1st day of my new nursery life! Mummy and daddy got up at 0600, I slept till 0630....we had breakfast and at 0715 we arrived at The Children's House! Mummy handed me over, without any problems.....and picked me up again at the end of the day, without any problems!

Here is what was written in my diary:

Madeline has settled into the nursery lovely and has been full smiles for us all. Madeline enjoyed sitting with an adult watching the children arrive. Madeline has played on the activity mat, laying next to Emma and Sebastian. Madeline showed a lot of interest in her friends, reaching out to explore their faces. Madeline loved listening to an adult sing nursery songs, and was very smiley, she especially like 'The wheels on the bus'. Madeline has happily explored the baby activity toys and played on the music activity mat, hitting the chicks to make the music play. Madeline responded with gurgles and smiles to adult interaction and cuddles.Madeline really enjoyed her lunch and tea, eating a good size portion of both, and had sips of her drink. Lunch was: Tuna pasta, swede & carrots, yogurt and drink. Tea was: Mixed vegetables, mashed banana and a drink.

I got lots of cuddles of mummy, daddy and Alana when I got I was some sort of hero for going to nursery :-). I had a bath, played a bit, kicked my legs some more before I fell asleep! As you can see.......I am getting on hands and knees, ready for crawling. However, I can only rock forwards and backwards before collapsing....not long now!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

A weekend in Crewe (18-19/08/2007)

We went to Crewe (Cheshire) to visit Daddy his Brother Roy, wife Brenda, their daughter Tracy and her daughter Libby....did you get that :-). It was lovely to see them all again. I could play with Libby her toys, although I prefer to play with anything that isn't a toy at the REAL mobile phones. I really do not understand why people bother with trying to make babies, we know if its the real thing or just some fake thing :-).

I love being on the floor, and spend most of my time playing on my tummy. I can turn 180 degrees on my tummy, which is good as I can now see what happens behind me!

I am sitting on my own for longer, some saving reactions are developing forwards.....I am still somewhat unstable sideways.

In the evening, we went to see Daddy his friend Ed and Lynne. They have got a new puppy dog named Bo. I was absolutely fine with the dog. We had brought my travel cot in which I slept overnight, I thought I keep mummy on her toes and give her a bit of a broken night sleep and a early rise......nice :-)
I will see everybody again on the 8th September for the party, and maybe even on the 9th September for my christening (if we can get them up in the morning after the party).

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Andrea and Normans wedding (16/08/2007)

I have attended my first wedding! Mummy's friend Andrea got married to Norm, they are both physiotherapist from when Mummy worked in Kettering. We all got dressed up in the morning before driving to Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield. We were staying overnight, so.....mummy and daddy travelled 'light' can not imagine the stuff I might need for one night :-). I was a bit tired so mum & dad had to keep me entertained during the actual wedding ceremony as I tend to get a bit fidgety when i am tired. There were so many people who looked after me, entertained me, talked to the end I just had to sleep! I was initially asleep at the table but soon woke up. Mummy made me a bit of salmon, potato and broccoli mash which was lovely!
I was very good during the speeches, just laughing lots. After dinner daddy dressed me in my sleeping clothes and sleeping bag, popped me in the buggy and off we went to the evening party. After I entertained some people with my loveliness and gorgeousness, I felt it was time for sleep. I slept in the buggy during the music was keeping me awake!
I slept through the night and woke up at 0730, mummy gave me a bit of food before we headed to the swimming pool. It was really nice, and I just love splashing my hands and kicking my legs. We went for weetabix in the breakfast restaurant before heading back home. So there you have first wedding!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Antics with a balloon

Well, I definitely have discovered balloons! Love patting them, eating them, shouting into them, love the noise they make when I pinch them....and the longer I played with the balloon, the less air it had in it.....very strange, I do not understand all the 'in and outs' of a balloon yet!

This particular day, mummy and daddy were sitting with me at the table. Mummy was feeding me and every time she got near me, she got a 'wave of sickly smell'.....and so did daddy. Now, I had not been sick but.....when mummy lifted me out of the chair to go to bed it became apparent. I had pooed spectacularly! Because my nappy wasn't properly on, and the poo was somewhat went everywhere! Just mummy and daddy did not notice until the poo was well 'cooked' to my legs, in between my toes and chair :-). It never even bothered me! A bath for me and chemical clean for the chair were needed!