Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Another trip to Holland (end July 2007)

On Sunday, Mummy and I went for another trip to Holland, to see opa & oma! Daddy dropped us off at the airport, before he drove up to Scotland to collect Alana, my big sister.

Big concrete blocks were placed in front of the 'drop off' zone at Humberston Airport, I think to prevent driving our Ford Focus into the lobby! We got to the luggage checking bit, were a security man held me, whilst Mummy had to taste all my food, blow the bubbles and put sudocrem on her hand......all to check that it is what it is. I was very good on the plane, played with the sick-bag and crinkly sugar sachet before falling asleep. We arrived nice and early in Amsterdam.

Small 'hick-up' at the passport control in Holland. The man looked at both out passports before asking 'can you proof that is your baby?'........after some silence, shock and a red hot head face, mummy said 'no I can not'. She should have taken my birth certificate with her.....silly mummy, she should have know.....Doh! So instead it was a trip to immigration for a DNA test. After some kerfuffle the man let us through customs, thank god!

Mummys friend Therese, Bert and their kids Jasper and Maud picked us up. We all went on a yellow doubledecker train. It was fun as Jasper and Maud had balloons to play with! We went to their home for a drink and something to eat.......and a little sleep for me of course.
Opa and Oma came to pick us up and off we went in the car to Woerden. Ome Frido also came to Woerden.

The next day we all went to see Ome Frido his new house and workshop, it was very cool! Me, mummy and Frido stayed at his workshop, whilst Opa and Oma went to some work. Ome Frido is a fashion-designer, he can make beautiful clothes......he is making me a little something, I can not wait to see and wear it. You can see some of his work if you Google 'frido van der weij'.

In the evening we went for a quick visit to Robert, Esmee and their twins, Jelle and Nienke. The twins are 3 years old, the boy really wild, the girl wanted to care for me. I loved watching them!

On Tuesday, we visited mummys friend Heleen, and her kids Daniel and Thijs. Husband Wim was at work. Daniel was wild, which I loved. I just love watching kids jump up and down. Thijs has unfortunately been diagnosed with Tay Sachs Syndrome and sadly he will progressively get worse. I am so glad mummy took me to see him.

We flew back on Tuesday evening, well after my bedtime. Mummy put me in the sling whilst walking around at the airport. No problems through security this time. There was so much to see that it was difficult to go to sleep. We were allowed to sit in the front of the bus which took us to our plane. Again, I had great fun with the sick-bag and was quite fascinated by the chair in front of us this time. It all got boring in the end, so I fell asleep.

Photos will follow shortly............

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Saturday 28-07-2007

This will probably the last blog till Wednesday as Mummy and I are going to Holland, and Daddy is going to Scotland, picking my big sis Alana up. Anyway, woke at 0630, which threw my mummy completely, she was all ready to feed me at 0600! You cant let those parents get complacent you see :-).

It was a glorious day today, the first and probably the last of this summer! So me, mummy and daddy got up early. We all had breakfast at the table, but I was so distracted by daddy pulling silly faces that I only managed to eat half my weetabix. Mummy put some banana in front of me to play with, lovely! She also helped me to drink some milk out of a cup, how grown up!

We all popped to the shops to get some stuff for the BBQ before going back home to play, play play and play some more! Mummy and Daddy thought they challenge me by mashing a boiled egg into my spinach, parsnip and basil concoction. I wasn't quite sure about the slippery bits but I tried!

When I got back both mummy and daddy played with me on the floor, but I had better things to do. I pulled the blow-up ring towards me, until it fell upside down on top of me. I loved being under it, thrashing my arms about, kicking my legs until i got the tire so that I could turn around. Never play with toys in the way they were mend to play with, that is today's motto.

Mummy and Daddy had BBQ food for dinner, I tried some Vietnamese River Cobbler fish.....I quite liked that and I am really starting to be able to chew. It was 'washed' down with pumpkin/sweet potato/apple/blueberry mash, I had a swig of watered down juice, and finished with fruity fromage frais.

Mummy had a bath with me and gave me a massage! What a relaxed finish of the day.....so folks.....enjoy my photos.....I will be a whole load bigger when I return on Wednesday!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Happy Half Year Birthday To Me (26/27-07-2007)

Happy Half-Birthday to me, Happy Half-Birthday to me, Happy Half-Birthday dear Madeline......Happy Half-Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

OK the day started all relaxed with me waking up at 6, mummy feeding me milk and weetabix, making Daddy cup of tea before he jumped on the train. Only to realise when Daddy had left, that Mummy's keys were locked in the car! Mummy threw some clothes on me, popped me in the buggy and we hopped on the train. Mummy had 1 patient to see so I came in and just laid in my chair watching the people work hard.
I got my birthday present, my first ride in a taxi! And as taxi-drivers don't need car seats, I was allowed to sit on Mummy's knee.......which made it my first car journey facing forwards......well I was fascinated watching the taxi-driver. I hope mummy and daddy will turn my car seat round soon!
In the afternoon I went swimming with baby Ellie and her Mummy. We went to a posh pool at the forest pines hotel. There were lots of lovely people. There was also a little girl in a wheelchair who said she loves babies, so mummy let me sit on the girls knee, lots of big smiles! I did do a poo in my swimming-nappy, oops, lucky I wasn't in the pool yet :-).
I am eating just about anything you put in front of me! Mummy took me to baby-clinic and I can tell you that I now weigh 6.04 kilograms / 13.4 pounds! I love looking into the mirror or looking at faces. I am starting to bang my toys on anything and everything. And I really like noisy toys! When I am on the floor I just roll and roll and roll :-).
On Thursday, Mummy took me shopping for presents to take to Holland at the weekend and we just did all sorts of stuff that had to be done. We popped in to Mummy's place at work at the hospital, only 4 weeks until she is going back to full time work. I was mostly a good girl until mummy's boss held me.....I cried and cried and cried......You know what, I did that as well when she came to see me when I was only a few hours old :-) Bosses......do not trust them :-).
Julie and her mum, Pam, popped over for a coffee whilst I was having my dinner. Spinach again today, Yummy! And I tried a small pot of fromage fraise (kwark) which I absolutely loved!
Not many nights sleep now till I am seeing opa, oma and uncle Frido again......and them when I come back I will be with my big sister Alana for 6 weeks......I can not wait! All that attention :-)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wednesday 25-07-2007

The week has come round quickly, it is swimming day again! As usual, I woke at 0600, had some milk, played in the cot bed by myself until 0730 when Mummy got me up to give me my weetabix breakfast. As you can see on the pictures, mummy put a blob of weetabix on the table for me to pat my hands into it. And I can take my own bib off thank you very much! Daddy left to catch the train to work, I will see him later when he picks me up from the practice.

Swimming was fine today, although the pool was a little bit cold. I managed to do a poo in my swim-nappy :-) it is a good nappy as nothing came out! One of the other babies, Adam, will be going to the same nursery as me. After swimming we drove to the practice. I am really good at the practice, just happy sitting in my chair, bouncing up&down, talking to the patients and when it all got a bit boring.....well I just go to sleep.

Daddy picked me up and took me into town. We had some lunch and tea at one of the shops. He bought me some food too......unfortunately I was still a bit tired so had to show him up a bit by crying. I slept in the car whilst Daddy drove to one of his house (work). I had the biggest smile on waking, and there were lots of ladies who wanted to play with me, yippee!

When we got home, I had done another poo so needed changing. Then time for dinner and Daddy made me try a bit of sea-weed, hmmmmmm......not sure, it tasted a bit funny but I got great applause and cheers from mum and dad when I had eaten it. Weird those parents!

I have put some pictures in of my 2 bottom-teeth. Off to bed now as we are having a busy day tomorrow!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Monday & Tuesday (23/24-07-2007)

I have had a couple of nights were I have woken a few times, no idea why....maybe my teeth, maybe a bad dream, maybe hungry or thirsty, maybe tummy ache......or maybe I just wanted a kiss and cuddle!
On Monday, Mummy and I were going to go the baby-playgroup in the village. However they were fixing the roof, so instead we went to visit Jaimie, Elleh, Henri and baby Hughie. The schools have broken up for their summer holidays now, so I can go and play lots with Henri. Daddy had to go into work as unfortunately parts of Louth were flooded again. Luckily the houses were OK this time. Lots and lots of people in England were no so lucky, millions of people are without water, electricity or a home to live in. Over 2 and half metres of water, unimaginable!

In the afternoon, mummy had a coffee at Jude's whilst I got cuddles and played on the floor. Daddy arrived back home, just as I was about to have my dinner. It was nice as I could eat whilst watching daddy cook........
On Tuesday, we all went out to visit the nursery again. Daddy took me round and both him&me like the place a lot! So the decision has been made, I will be attending the nursery on Mondays and Thursdays. Starting probably from the Thursday after my christening. by then I will be about 8 months and hopefully I will be able to sit and crawl.
Mummy had to do a clinic so I stayed with Daddy. I am getting good at developing my will-power......I rather eat/rip/crunch paper than let daddy feed me lunch. I am now beginning to know how to throw a paddy! It worked, I got to play with the envelope :-) Result!
I had a funny dinner today. Bit of weetabix, followed by beetroot/apple/artichoke, followed by pear. I ate it all.........
I am developing lovely, still need a bit a help with sitting, sitting in highchair is not a problem now, I can roll to the left/right, I like sleeping on my tummy, you better keep anything you dont want chewing on out of my way and I can be very verbal/loud :-)