Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday 30-06-2007

The predicted 'extra' rain has not arrived (yet!). I has actually been a nice and warm day.
I woke at 0500am this morning, so I decided to play by myself for a little while before shouting (well squealing really) so that Mummy would wake up too. She came, picked me up and brought me through to their bedroom. I could ly on Daddy his side as he is in Sheffield.

I played with my feet, the crunchy book, the rattle and did 'copy the noise' with mummy. I am smiling and laughing lots now, especially 1st thing in the morning after a nice long sleep. I watched a bit of news, for some strange reason I like watching real people more than cartoons or childrens programs at the moment (sure that will change). Mornigs tend to be the only time I watch a bit of tv, too busy busy busy in the day. Anyway, I had a bit more sleep after all that play.

We made some touchy-feely-things for the wall in my bedroom. Mum has made a sheep with lovely soft wool and a snake from bubble-wrap, it all helps me to learn! Todays sounds are ppppppppp, even better when I do that with my fingers in my mouth, I spit and saliver everywhere :-).

Mummy took me into town in the sling. I love being upright in the sling as I can really look around. Lots of people look and talk back at me, they still tell me how cute and little I am......Well I MUST be cute!!!! Mummy bought me a rattle, a ball and a watering-can.

Once home I had my dinner, chicken&vegetable casserole followed by milk. I had a bath and mummy kept empying the watering-can over was great fun! I went to bed at 6 pm without a bother!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday 29-06-2007

The day started sunny and dry. Lots of people can not return to their houses as they are still flooded. Daddy had to rip all the carpets up at his work and lots of belonging had to be thrown as they just stank!

We did not pick Daddy up today, he caught a later train. So Mummy and I got dressed and had some breakfast. I had some baby-rice with banana today, lovely! I then had some tummy-time on the floor. I love passing toys from one hand to the other. The other thing I love doing is 'flapping' my arms up and down, especially when I am holding a rattle. When I am on my tummy I keep moving my fingers and use the 'crunchy' toy book to make lots of noise.

Mummy and I went to the supermarket to get some bits&bops. When we got back I found that daddy was home again :-). I spend the afternoon with Daddy because Mummy went to the practice. I have done my first solid-ish poo for Daddy, bit different from the curry-sauce I normally produce. I was very good and content this afternoon, lots of floor-time and singing/dancing with Daddy. Daddy has gone to see his friends in Sheffield for the weekend, I look forward to seeing him again on Sunday!

The next door baby-boy has got a name: Alistair William Edward Crosby. Mummy and Daddy were asked if they would be god-parents to his sister Niamh. They will both be christened sometime in October. So does that mean Niamh is my god-sister :-) and Henri my god-brother :-).

Elleh&Jaimie's baby-boy came home today for the 1st time. I think he is now 8 weeks, which means still 2 weeks premature. He is doing a little better everyday.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thursday 28-06-2007

Woke up just like any other morning, bright and early, ready to play at six! After a feed, a change and a play I decided to go back to sleep for another couple of hours (how nice of me). Got dressed in my pretty dress when Daddy arrived home for an hour....I got a big kiss and cuddle

I went with Mummy to the practice where Linda, the receptionist, entertained me whilst Mummy treated a couple of patients. After that I had some tummy time on the gym-ball, Mummy made me pat the ball and reach for a toy (how cruel to make me work so hard).
I get so excited when somebody blows bubbles, I am even trying to grab/hit them with my hands. Occasionally I will try to point to a bubble.

After that we had a trip to the hospital where Mummy works, everybody wanted a hold of me again. I was fine until I was so tired that I fell asleep in Tracey's arms, just for a 10 minute nap. We also popped to see Elleh and Hughie. Hopefully Hughie is allowed to go home tomorrow, which will be great as we can take a picture of Hughie and Henri together. Last but not least we visited the CDC, which was the best place to visit as it had lots and lots of toys. Mummy took me into the 'sensory room'. It is a room with beautiful lights, music, padded floor/walls, lots of touchy-feely stuff and action-reaction is a room they use for children with disabilities and autistic kids.

Once home I got my well deserved 'no-nappy' and floor play time. I can roll onto my tummy and back. But today I spent most of the time moving in circles on the floor, on my back. I love hitting and kicking the dangley toys. There was a taste of cauliflower-breastmilk-mash and the usual supply of milk for dinner......hmmmmm.
I am also trying to work out how to undo the Velcro on my nappy.....give me a few days and I think I can take my own nappy off :-).

PS. I did get my dates wrong the other day....TODAY is the day I am officially 5 months old!
Photos will follow shortly.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Wednesday 27-06-2007

The day started early as Henri slept over last night and I am pleased to say....he wakes up earlier than I do! He was very good and quietly watched some television downstairs. As you can see on the pictures, he really makes me laugh! First we took Daddy to work, he will have to deal with the flooding-aftermath for the next few days. Hard and messy/muddy work. We then took Henri to school. I was fascinated by all the kids running around. One day I will be going to school. When everybody was at work and school, mummy took me to my weekly swimminglesson in Immingham Pool. There were 6 other babies and Jackie the teacher. We do activities and sing songs like: The Wheels on the Bus, The Hokikoki, The Grand Olde Duke, London Bridge, Horsey Horsey, Runnaway Train, Wind the Bobbin, If Ure Happy....We always finish off with 'Toy-Time'. I got to wear armbands for the 1st time today!

Mummy went for a coffee at Julies whilst I had a little sleep in the conservatory. In the afternoon we just did some day-to-day stuff like going shopping, laundry etc. It is Johns birthday today so they popped round to collect his bottle of Jagermeister. John and Julie will be my godparents when I get christened in Sept. My other godparents are Alana and Tom.

No massive progress on the tooth-front. It is definately there! I like rubbing my thongue over it, otherwise it is not really bothering me.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tuesday 26-06-2007

The morning after the floodings! Daddy got up early today to pop down to his workplace in Louth, just to see what the damage is. When he came back he told us that the water has subsided, but it has left a layer of mud and sewage.

Daddy spent most of the afternoon with me, playing with me, imitating my faces in the mirror and just making me laugh so much! He also discovered that i have a bottom-tooth coming through :-) ..................So tonight mum and dad are celebrating that with wine and beer...........all that I am getting out of it is milk!

Henri is sleeping over tonight. He makes me giggle like nobody else can make me giggle....all he has got to do is jump up and down! It is just so much more funny when he does it than that when any adult jumps up and down! He played with Niamh outside whilst I got ready for bed. I started sleeping in my own room with Henri on a mattress on the floor but later on went to sleep in mummy and daddy's room.

Oh and I am officially 5 months congratulations to me :-)

Monday, 25 June 2007

A day of flooding 25-06-2007

What a day it has been! The rain has not stopped at all, there has been flooding flooding flooding........Dads workplace got flooded, they were stuck in Louth till the afternoon. All his students had to be evacuated and are now staying in B&Bs. We did manage to pick Daddy up and I am glad he is now back home. Daddy got out in the rain to 'harvest the summer crop'....he got some lovely cauliflower and broccoli.

The neighbours baby boy was born this morning at 0830. He has not got a name yet but I cant wait to play with him.

Mummy got me a new floaty thing for in the swimming-pool, I tried it out in the bath is brilliant! I can kick my legs and splash with my hands without being held!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Brocklesby Show 24-06-2007

Sunday, I woke up at 0800! I had a quick feed, played a bit with mummy in the bed and fell asleep again! I then woke at 12-ish. How nice was that of me :-) So mummy could do some laundry, dishes and house cleaning without me wanting the attention.

Henri came to play today, so that he could have a little time away from the hospital. Henri his brother Hughie is now 7 weeks (he was born 10 weeks prematurely, so a few more weeks till his atual due-date) and is still on the neonatal unit in Grimsby. Hughie is weights now 4lb7 and is in a normal cot. He is drinking milk, pooing and weeing now. They still want to to some further tests, but so far it is looking good. Hopefully I can play with him when we are both a bit older.

We went with Henri to the Brocklesby fair. Mummy knew the guy who was taking the money, so we managed to get it for free :-) brilliant! We like that sort of stuff. There were lots of trade-stalls. Henri bought a flying-disc-shooting-gun and some sort of long fluffy wirly thing that tickled my face. There were planes, 4-wheel-driving, horses, lots of dogs and tractors. Henri won a price with hook-a-ducky and another price with basketball throwing. It was a bit muddy but a nice couple of hours out. I say that but..............I was asleep in the sling for most of it, of course :-) We did laugh at all the prams and pushchairs getting stuck in the mud, hooray for the sling!

We popped round to Julies as Henri wanted to see Tom & George. Everybody had a quick hold of me, until I felt really tired again. Dropped Henri back at hospital, Mummy quickly went to see Hughie with Elleh, whilst I stayed with Jaimie.

I got ready for bed when daddy popped home for a couple of hours. I love seeing daddy again, he gave me a quick kiss and cuddle before I went to dreamland. Luckely we are picking him up again in the morning and I will see him for 2 full days.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

My first concert 23-06-2007

The weather today has been so wet & windy, it was horrible for most of the day. So me & mum took it easy :-) First, I was allowed in dads bed to watch a bit a of news and played 'imitate that sound' with mummy. I now know that I definitely squeal louder than anybody in this house!

I had lots of floor time today, mum helped me reaching for toys, rolling, putting the mirror back up after I knocked it down (again, again, again and again). I watched a Baby Einstein - Shakespeare DVD......I just LOVE watching the hand-puppets, they make me laugh. I shouted at them, I think they might have just heard me :-) And if they didn't, the neighbours certainly did! I tried sucking on my first rusk, a bit of a funny taste and texture....I am sure I will get used to it. Hey, its another way of making a mess of myself and my surroundings :-) Mum did some silly singing and dancing for me............I just smiled to make her happy but believe you was not pretty :-).

Mum got me all ready for bed, but.....then she put me in the car?!?! We went up to Ashby, to see Julie play her violin. The group she plays with is called 'The Wolds Strings'. Of course I was wide awake when we arrived, as there were new people and a new building to look at. Mum carried me in the sling, I had my dummy & giraffe with within no time I was snuggled up asleep. The classical music was very lovely and soothing to listen to.

At the end, everybody told mummy what a good girl I was.....YES....I have done it again! Oh I do pull this 'being cute, lovely, gorgeous and sweet' off fantastically :-).
Mummy gave me a quick feed when we got home, but I did not even bother to really wake up....sleep is just tooooo comfortable!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Friday 22-06-2007

Last night I managed to sleep from 1830 till 0545 this morning! Yes....I slept through!We started the day with taking daddy to work, unfortunately I won't see much of him now till Monday morning. Mummy took me into town and walked around with me in the sling, I love it when I can look around, watching people and all sorts of new things.
After that I had some floor-play-time at home. I laid in my baby-gym, kicking the bells, reaching for the rattles and of course 'eating' my toes. I did my best to burn some energy by rolling onto my tummy and back again!
After lunch we popped to the practice where mummy saw one patient, I was allowed to be in the same room......I thought that it was all very boring so I fell asleep :-) When I woke up, mummy played with me whilst I bounced on the gymball.
We went to visit Jude and Lee as they wanted to show me something. First I had to look at the vegetable patch, soon I will be able to give Lee all sorts of advice as my daddy will teach me 'The Art of Gardening'. But then I saw it....Lee has made a beach hut out of an old wendy-house and pieces of reclaimed wood. It was lovely and warm, I had another little sleep in the arms of Jude. We must take a picture next time!
Once home again, it was time for another food-tasting-session.....tonight's menu was 1) pea and parsnip puree, my first green mess. Followed by 2) strawberry-apple puree, red mess. See photos :-) I had a taster of both, then needed a bath, after which I had a drink of my favourite milk. I went to bed and fell asleep after a story and a song.......maybe I can do another night without waking!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday 21-06-2007

Today is my 19th week birthday :-) It has been a lovely day, the weather was hot&sunny. I spend most of the day with my daddy as mum did a clinic this morning and had to do training in the afternoon. I have started to make some new sounds......ppppppp is one of them. Pppppppaaahhhhh is the other. Daddy and I did lots of imitation games in front of the mirror today.

I love having no nappy-time as I can really get my feet in my is the best taste :-) Mummy made me some 'breastmilk-strawberry-delight' which I quite liked after a few tries, I managed to stain my bib red in no time. I then had a taste of 'breastmilk-potato-mash'....not jet my favourite! The main course was followed by some baby-rice for dessert, that I loved! Despite all those tastes, I still wanted mummy her 'ready-made-booby-milk......Now that really it is the best taste of all!

I was a good girl today and was in bed and asleep by 7 pm.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Weekend in Holland 8-10th June 2007

I have been to Holland this weekend! It was my first time flying and my first time abroad. We went to see Opa and Oma, as it was my Oma's 60th birthday party. We flew from Humberside airport in a small propellor aeroplane. I did cry a bit as the airhostess woke me up and the airpressure made my ears go all funny. I was pleased to see the border-controle-chap actually double checking me and my passport photo, I suppose I was only 6 weeks when the photo was taken. (I am now 18 weeks you see). Uncle Frido picked us up from Schiphol.

They had an open-air market in Woerden on the Saturday, there were lots of people shopping, drinking and singing sea-chanties. I took my Bumbo seat over to Holland, you can see me sitting in the seat, on one of opa's stalls! Lots of people took pictures, many thought I was a doll......until I moved......freaky but funny to see their faces :-).

So many friends and family of opa and oma came to see me, I have loaded a picture of me, daddy, Cathy, Nancy & Toos! It was very warm in Holland, I think that is why I slept LOADS! Well, actually I did it so that mummy & daddy could go to the pub for some drinks whilst Oma looked after me.

Sunday was the day of Oma's party, lots of people arrive and wanted a hold of me. But, to be honest I was happiest just 'chilling' in the chair with my giraffe. You can see me wearing a 70s Retro outfit that daddy has chosen for me....I love wearing it! I am such a fashion-chick :-). Somebody wanted a glass of red wine so Opa opened a 6 little bottle of red wine, as you do.....look at the is nearly as big as me! Opa cooked lots of Italian food for the buffet, unfortunately I am still a little bit too young to eat it. Next time better! So many people came to the party, lucky for me their were some kids to play with. You can see me with Nienke and Jelle, they gave me kisses and stroked my head. Well, it has been a very busy weekend. I was soooo tired that I was fast asleep during the flight back!