Sunday, 2 September 2007

What a silly day! (03/09/2007)

Just some silly pictures, taken on just some silly day! Mummy, daddy, me and Julie went over to John his house (He will be my godfather as from next week) on Friday. Just for a bit of BBQ now the weather has turned nice, for however long it lasts! I have just done a lot of floor play over the weekend. I think i have another tooth coming at the top, felt a little bit ratty and had a snotty there were some smiles in between a bit a crying and sleeping.
I can sit up and play for a bit now, and you can even leave me as I am getting quite good at 'controlled' falling forwards, straight onto my tummy. I am also getting good at 'rocking' forwards/backwards on hands and knees....I will be crawling before you know it.
Mummy's friends, Hester and Jeroen, had their little girl on Saturday morning. They have called her Lotus.

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