Thursday, 30 August 2007

My 1st day at nursery (30/08/2007)

Today was the 1st day of my new nursery life! Mummy and daddy got up at 0600, I slept till 0630....we had breakfast and at 0715 we arrived at The Children's House! Mummy handed me over, without any problems.....and picked me up again at the end of the day, without any problems!

Here is what was written in my diary:

Madeline has settled into the nursery lovely and has been full smiles for us all. Madeline enjoyed sitting with an adult watching the children arrive. Madeline has played on the activity mat, laying next to Emma and Sebastian. Madeline showed a lot of interest in her friends, reaching out to explore their faces. Madeline loved listening to an adult sing nursery songs, and was very smiley, she especially like 'The wheels on the bus'. Madeline has happily explored the baby activity toys and played on the music activity mat, hitting the chicks to make the music play. Madeline responded with gurgles and smiles to adult interaction and cuddles.Madeline really enjoyed her lunch and tea, eating a good size portion of both, and had sips of her drink. Lunch was: Tuna pasta, swede & carrots, yogurt and drink. Tea was: Mixed vegetables, mashed banana and a drink.

I got lots of cuddles of mummy, daddy and Alana when I got I was some sort of hero for going to nursery :-). I had a bath, played a bit, kicked my legs some more before I fell asleep! As you can see.......I am getting on hands and knees, ready for crawling. However, I can only rock forwards and backwards before collapsing....not long now!

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