Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tuesday & Wednesday (07/08-08-2007)

It has been lovely and warm here. Tuesday I stayed with Mummy in the morning whilst Daddy took Alana on the train to the practice. He was back home early so we just played in the sunshine. I love lying and playing on my tummy. Daddy put me on my tummy, on my water-filled-pat-mat......it was so wobbly.....like belly-surfing!

Whenever they put me in my highchair I make noise, lots of noise......easily stopped by food though! I have put some of my food-pictures in for you! Blowing raspberries with food in my mouth.....priceless.

Wednesday was back to swimming. I was so active, I am definitely getting more aware of my surroundings and generally more alert. I did lots of leg kicking in the water and splashing with my hands.....not easy when I am wearing massive armbands :-).

I think I am getting a bit of a cold as I am having a snotty nose and a cough.....oh me poor little sparrow, me!

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