Saturday, 4 August 2007

Friday & Saturday (03/04-08-2007)

Friday was a special day as me and Daddy had the whole day to ourselves, together! Just to make it all a bit more challenging, I woke up at 2200, 0200 and 0330 hours. Daddy got up at 0400 to help me back to sleep! Mummy had her first full day back at work, she got up with me at 0600, gave me milk & weetabix and lots of cuddles. Mummy left at 0730, I went back to bed to sleep a bit more. Alana had to get up as it was her first day as a receptionist at mummy's practice. My big sis is covering the summer holidays at the practice,

I had lots of time with daddy, he bounced me, sang to me, we hopped on the train, walked in town........I just love spending time with my daddy. I am mostly a smiley baby making lots of interesting sounds. Daddy made me my own portion of fish-pie, which I will be eating on Saturday.

Saturday morning, car-booty in Healing at the British Legion. Daddy bought a big tin full of old dinky toy cars, oh we was very very happy. It was a glorious day so I finally could play outside. We got the sun-block-tent out, put my play gym in the tent, nappy and clothes off......lovely to play & roll around without any restrictions. I managed a nice poo whilst NOT wearing a nappy! Hey, it keeps my parents on their toes :-)
Daddy played with me in the tent, he did his usual wild, bouncing play......had he forgotten I only JUST had had some milk????? I produced a GREAT puke, straight into daddy his mouth :-) I was fine, not sure he appreciated it all that much!

We went for a drink at the Legion....Daddy and I played on the fruit-machine, I was absolutely fascinated by all the lights and colours (check the intensity on daddy's and my face). We blow ed bubbles and I had lots of love from everybody!

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