Sunday, 19 August 2007

A weekend in Crewe (18-19/08/2007)

We went to Crewe (Cheshire) to visit Daddy his Brother Roy, wife Brenda, their daughter Tracy and her daughter Libby....did you get that :-). It was lovely to see them all again. I could play with Libby her toys, although I prefer to play with anything that isn't a toy at the REAL mobile phones. I really do not understand why people bother with trying to make babies, we know if its the real thing or just some fake thing :-).

I love being on the floor, and spend most of my time playing on my tummy. I can turn 180 degrees on my tummy, which is good as I can now see what happens behind me!

I am sitting on my own for longer, some saving reactions are developing forwards.....I am still somewhat unstable sideways.

In the evening, we went to see Daddy his friend Ed and Lynne. They have got a new puppy dog named Bo. I was absolutely fine with the dog. We had brought my travel cot in which I slept overnight, I thought I keep mummy on her toes and give her a bit of a broken night sleep and a early rise......nice :-)
I will see everybody again on the 8th September for the party, and maybe even on the 9th September for my christening (if we can get them up in the morning after the party).

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