Thursday, 2 August 2007

Wednesday & Thursday (01/02-08-2007)

We did not make it swimming on Wednesday as I managed to sleep till 10.00am. It was a beautiful sunny day, one of those days where mummy thinks 'A perfect day for drying the laundry, how sad :-)'.

I went with Julie and Mummy to the practice and watched them do some weeding, brushing the floor and generally tidying up the outside of the practice. I was fascinated and just very happy to watch them work.

Alana and Daddy arrived back in the evening. Unfortunately I was already asleep, but I still got a cuddle from daddy. Alana and I are sleeping in the same room, which is great. I do have a bed made up for me downstairs, but prefer to sleep with my big sister! We have done one night and it has been good.

I woke at 0600, and managed to only wake mummy up! I had some milk, banana and weetabix, followed by a quick play, followed by going back to bed.......mummy went to work whilst I did not wake the house till 10.30! Daddy, Alana and I drove into town, we all had lunch.....I even tried a mashed up chip, lovely. We went to some shops to shop for Alana, she has got some lovely things. We dropped Alana at the practice, so she could meet up with Sam. Mummy and Daddy went food shopping in the mean time.

Back at home, I drank lots of milk but made a bit of a fuss over my food. They did not even offer me something else! I was allowed to try a chocolate milk button...........hmmmmmmm babies are made to LOVE chocolate! I definitely needed a bath afterwards..........

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