Monday, 6 August 2007

Sunday & Monday (05/06-08-2007)

Finally, summer has arrived! It has been beautifully sunny and warm..........which tends to get me up bright and early. Mummy and I walked down to church on Sunday morning, only to find that it started at 0900, instead of 0930! Silly mummy, but no bother, in stead we walked down to Julies for morning coffee. I laid on the grass and loved touching the was a totally new experience!

I love drinking things like formula milk, apple juice, orange juice and water now. I still prefer just to drink from a bottle instead of a cup or other specially designed drinking thing!

As it was so warm on Sunday, daddy lathered me in sunblock and hopped in the paddling pool with me. It was brilliant.....I do not need toys, just kicking the water with my legs is fantastic!

A bit of sunshine, fresh air and water soon tired me totally out and I just could not keep myself awake. I slept for a couple of hours, which was needed! I woke a 1700ish to the gorgeous smell of daddy's food. He cooked Sunday -beef roast- dinner, and made a special portion for me! I absolutely loved sitting at the table with everybody and eating a mashed up version of roast dinner. I also LOVE broccoli as you can see on the photos, I manage to eat a Florette all by myself. It was such a hot night, that I slept in just a nappy and woke a few times in the night.

I keep waking at 0400 at the moment, I do not think Mummy and Daddy liking that much! Mummy had to get ready for work, so I reckon I am only helping her by getting her up early.....lots of time to get ready AND feed and play with me :-). I stayed at home with Daddy and Alana, and decided NOT to go back to sleep but make them work to entertain me, ha ha ha....

Mummy took me for a walk when she got back. Now that is a great time to fall asleep! We walked over to Julies so mummy could do some accounts whilst Julies mum took me for another walk.....does that still make sense :-) ????

I am getting a little madam when it gets to putting me in the car seat, the buggy or the highchair.....I just like to give them a little bit of a protest and a fight, of course I will always give in as I quite like going for a drive, walk or eat!

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