Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A day out in Lincoln (11/08/2007)

Here are some photos from when I went for a day to Lincoln with Daddy, Mummy and Alana. It was a nice sunny and warm day, one of the only ones we have had this summer! We had a little walk to Lincoln Cathedral, which is a very impressive building.

Mummy carried me in the sling, facing forwards. I love being carried this way as I can really show my charming smile to anybody who wants to see it :-).

The acoustics in the cathedral were fabulous, and I should know.......I squealed and giggled pretty much all the time we were in the cathedral. I don't think The Lord minded tho :-)
As you can see from the pictures, there was an exposition on which 'told' the bible stories in woodcarvings.....and I was allowed to touch them, yippee!

We ran out of time to visit the castle, so that is on the agenda for the next time!

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