Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Antics with a balloon

Well, I definitely have discovered balloons! Love patting them, eating them, shouting into them, love the noise they make when I pinch them....and the longer I played with the balloon, the less air it had in it.....very strange, I do not understand all the 'in and outs' of a balloon yet!

This particular day, mummy and daddy were sitting with me at the table. Mummy was feeding me and every time she got near me, she got a 'wave of sickly smell'.....and so did daddy. Now, I had not been sick but.....when mummy lifted me out of the chair to go to bed it became apparent. I had pooed spectacularly! Because my nappy wasn't properly on, and the poo was somewhat went everywhere! Just mummy and daddy did not notice until the poo was well 'cooked' to my legs, in between my toes and chair :-). It never even bothered me! A bath for me and chemical clean for the chair were needed!