Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Wednesday 27-06-2007

The day started early as Henri slept over last night and I am pleased to say....he wakes up earlier than I do! He was very good and quietly watched some television downstairs. As you can see on the pictures, he really makes me laugh! First we took Daddy to work, he will have to deal with the flooding-aftermath for the next few days. Hard and messy/muddy work. We then took Henri to school. I was fascinated by all the kids running around. One day I will be going to school. When everybody was at work and school, mummy took me to my weekly swimminglesson in Immingham Pool. There were 6 other babies and Jackie the teacher. We do activities and sing songs like: The Wheels on the Bus, The Hokikoki, The Grand Olde Duke, London Bridge, Horsey Horsey, Runnaway Train, Wind the Bobbin, If Ure Happy....We always finish off with 'Toy-Time'. I got to wear armbands for the 1st time today!

Mummy went for a coffee at Julies whilst I had a little sleep in the conservatory. In the afternoon we just did some day-to-day stuff like going shopping, laundry etc. It is Johns birthday today so they popped round to collect his bottle of Jagermeister. John and Julie will be my godparents when I get christened in Sept. My other godparents are Alana and Tom.

No massive progress on the tooth-front. It is definately there! I like rubbing my thongue over it, otherwise it is not really bothering me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, every night before I go to bed, I love to look at the pictures of my granddauther.
Then I am sure that I will sleep with a big smile on my face!
A big hug OMA.