Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tuesday 26-06-2007

The morning after the floodings! Daddy got up early today to pop down to his workplace in Louth, just to see what the damage is. When he came back he told us that the water has subsided, but it has left a layer of mud and sewage.

Daddy spent most of the afternoon with me, playing with me, imitating my faces in the mirror and just making me laugh so much! He also discovered that i have a bottom-tooth coming through :-) ..................So tonight mum and dad are celebrating that with wine and beer...........all that I am getting out of it is milk!

Henri is sleeping over tonight. He makes me giggle like nobody else can make me giggle....all he has got to do is jump up and down! It is just so much more funny when he does it than that when any adult jumps up and down! He played with Niamh outside whilst I got ready for bed. I started sleeping in my own room with Henri on a mattress on the floor but later on went to sleep in mummy and daddy's room.

Oh and I am officially 5 months today.......so congratulations to me :-)

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