Friday, 22 June 2007

Friday 22-06-2007

Last night I managed to sleep from 1830 till 0545 this morning! Yes....I slept through!We started the day with taking daddy to work, unfortunately I won't see much of him now till Monday morning. Mummy took me into town and walked around with me in the sling, I love it when I can look around, watching people and all sorts of new things.
After that I had some floor-play-time at home. I laid in my baby-gym, kicking the bells, reaching for the rattles and of course 'eating' my toes. I did my best to burn some energy by rolling onto my tummy and back again!
After lunch we popped to the practice where mummy saw one patient, I was allowed to be in the same room......I thought that it was all very boring so I fell asleep :-) When I woke up, mummy played with me whilst I bounced on the gymball.
We went to visit Jude and Lee as they wanted to show me something. First I had to look at the vegetable patch, soon I will be able to give Lee all sorts of advice as my daddy will teach me 'The Art of Gardening'. But then I saw it....Lee has made a beach hut out of an old wendy-house and pieces of reclaimed wood. It was lovely and warm, I had another little sleep in the arms of Jude. We must take a picture next time!
Once home again, it was time for another food-tasting-session.....tonight's menu was 1) pea and parsnip puree, my first green mess. Followed by 2) strawberry-apple puree, red mess. See photos :-) I had a taster of both, then needed a bath, after which I had a drink of my favourite milk. I went to bed and fell asleep after a story and a song.......maybe I can do another night without waking!

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