Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thursday 28-06-2007

Woke up just like any other morning, bright and early, ready to play at six! After a feed, a change and a play I decided to go back to sleep for another couple of hours (how nice of me). Got dressed in my pretty dress when Daddy arrived home for an hour....I got a big kiss and cuddle

I went with Mummy to the practice where Linda, the receptionist, entertained me whilst Mummy treated a couple of patients. After that I had some tummy time on the gym-ball, Mummy made me pat the ball and reach for a toy (how cruel to make me work so hard).
I get so excited when somebody blows bubbles, I am even trying to grab/hit them with my hands. Occasionally I will try to point to a bubble.

After that we had a trip to the hospital where Mummy works, everybody wanted a hold of me again. I was fine until I was so tired that I fell asleep in Tracey's arms, just for a 10 minute nap. We also popped to see Elleh and Hughie. Hopefully Hughie is allowed to go home tomorrow, which will be great as we can take a picture of Hughie and Henri together. Last but not least we visited the CDC, which was the best place to visit as it had lots and lots of toys. Mummy took me into the 'sensory room'. It is a room with beautiful lights, music, padded floor/walls, lots of touchy-feely stuff and action-reaction is a room they use for children with disabilities and autistic kids.

Once home I got my well deserved 'no-nappy' and floor play time. I can roll onto my tummy and back. But today I spent most of the time moving in circles on the floor, on my back. I love hitting and kicking the dangley toys. There was a taste of cauliflower-breastmilk-mash and the usual supply of milk for dinner......hmmmmm.
I am also trying to work out how to undo the Velcro on my nappy.....give me a few days and I think I can take my own nappy off :-).

PS. I did get my dates wrong the other day....TODAY is the day I am officially 5 months old!
Photos will follow shortly.

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