Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday 30-06-2007

The predicted 'extra' rain has not arrived (yet!). I has actually been a nice and warm day.
I woke at 0500am this morning, so I decided to play by myself for a little while before shouting (well squealing really) so that Mummy would wake up too. She came, picked me up and brought me through to their bedroom. I could ly on Daddy his side as he is in Sheffield.

I played with my feet, the crunchy book, the rattle and did 'copy the noise' with mummy. I am smiling and laughing lots now, especially 1st thing in the morning after a nice long sleep. I watched a bit of news, for some strange reason I like watching real people more than cartoons or childrens programs at the moment (sure that will change). Mornigs tend to be the only time I watch a bit of tv, too busy busy busy in the day. Anyway, I had a bit more sleep after all that play.

We made some touchy-feely-things for the wall in my bedroom. Mum has made a sheep with lovely soft wool and a snake from bubble-wrap, it all helps me to learn! Todays sounds are ppppppppp, even better when I do that with my fingers in my mouth, I spit and saliver everywhere :-).

Mummy took me into town in the sling. I love being upright in the sling as I can really look around. Lots of people look and talk back at me, they still tell me how cute and little I am......Well I MUST be cute!!!! Mummy bought me a rattle, a ball and a watering-can.

Once home I had my dinner, chicken&vegetable casserole followed by milk. I had a bath and mummy kept empying the watering-can over was great fun! I went to bed at 6 pm without a bother!

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