Saturday, 23 June 2007

My first concert 23-06-2007

The weather today has been so wet & windy, it was horrible for most of the day. So me & mum took it easy :-) First, I was allowed in dads bed to watch a bit a of news and played 'imitate that sound' with mummy. I now know that I definitely squeal louder than anybody in this house!

I had lots of floor time today, mum helped me reaching for toys, rolling, putting the mirror back up after I knocked it down (again, again, again and again). I watched a Baby Einstein - Shakespeare DVD......I just LOVE watching the hand-puppets, they make me laugh. I shouted at them, I think they might have just heard me :-) And if they didn't, the neighbours certainly did! I tried sucking on my first rusk, a bit of a funny taste and texture....I am sure I will get used to it. Hey, its another way of making a mess of myself and my surroundings :-) Mum did some silly singing and dancing for me............I just smiled to make her happy but believe you was not pretty :-).

Mum got me all ready for bed, but.....then she put me in the car?!?! We went up to Ashby, to see Julie play her violin. The group she plays with is called 'The Wolds Strings'. Of course I was wide awake when we arrived, as there were new people and a new building to look at. Mum carried me in the sling, I had my dummy & giraffe with within no time I was snuggled up asleep. The classical music was very lovely and soothing to listen to.

At the end, everybody told mummy what a good girl I was.....YES....I have done it again! Oh I do pull this 'being cute, lovely, gorgeous and sweet' off fantastically :-).
Mummy gave me a quick feed when we got home, but I did not even bother to really wake up....sleep is just tooooo comfortable!

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