Sunday, 10 June 2007

Weekend in Holland 8-10th June 2007

I have been to Holland this weekend! It was my first time flying and my first time abroad. We went to see Opa and Oma, as it was my Oma's 60th birthday party. We flew from Humberside airport in a small propellor aeroplane. I did cry a bit as the airhostess woke me up and the airpressure made my ears go all funny. I was pleased to see the border-controle-chap actually double checking me and my passport photo, I suppose I was only 6 weeks when the photo was taken. (I am now 18 weeks you see). Uncle Frido picked us up from Schiphol.

They had an open-air market in Woerden on the Saturday, there were lots of people shopping, drinking and singing sea-chanties. I took my Bumbo seat over to Holland, you can see me sitting in the seat, on one of opa's stalls! Lots of people took pictures, many thought I was a doll......until I moved......freaky but funny to see their faces :-).

So many friends and family of opa and oma came to see me, I have loaded a picture of me, daddy, Cathy, Nancy & Toos! It was very warm in Holland, I think that is why I slept LOADS! Well, actually I did it so that mummy & daddy could go to the pub for some drinks whilst Oma looked after me.

Sunday was the day of Oma's party, lots of people arrive and wanted a hold of me. But, to be honest I was happiest just 'chilling' in the chair with my giraffe. You can see me wearing a 70s Retro outfit that daddy has chosen for me....I love wearing it! I am such a fashion-chick :-). Somebody wanted a glass of red wine so Opa opened a 6 little bottle of red wine, as you do.....look at the is nearly as big as me! Opa cooked lots of Italian food for the buffet, unfortunately I am still a little bit too young to eat it. Next time better! So many people came to the party, lucky for me their were some kids to play with. You can see me with Nienke and Jelle, they gave me kisses and stroked my head. Well, it has been a very busy weekend. I was soooo tired that I was fast asleep during the flight back!

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