Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Brocklesby Show 24-06-2007

Sunday, I woke up at 0800! I had a quick feed, played a bit with mummy in the bed and fell asleep again! I then woke at 12-ish. How nice was that of me :-) So mummy could do some laundry, dishes and house cleaning without me wanting the attention.

Henri came to play today, so that he could have a little time away from the hospital. Henri his brother Hughie is now 7 weeks (he was born 10 weeks prematurely, so a few more weeks till his atual due-date) and is still on the neonatal unit in Grimsby. Hughie is weights now 4lb7 and is in a normal cot. He is drinking milk, pooing and weeing now. They still want to to some further tests, but so far it is looking good. Hopefully I can play with him when we are both a bit older.

We went with Henri to the Brocklesby fair. Mummy knew the guy who was taking the money, so we managed to get it for free :-) brilliant! We like that sort of stuff. There were lots of trade-stalls. Henri bought a flying-disc-shooting-gun and some sort of long fluffy wirly thing that tickled my face. There were planes, 4-wheel-driving, horses, lots of dogs and tractors. Henri won a price with hook-a-ducky and another price with basketball throwing. It was a bit muddy but a nice couple of hours out. I say that but..............I was asleep in the sling for most of it, of course :-) We did laugh at all the prams and pushchairs getting stuck in the mud, hooray for the sling!

We popped round to Julies as Henri wanted to see Tom & George. Everybody had a quick hold of me, until I felt really tired again. Dropped Henri back at hospital, Mummy quickly went to see Hughie with Elleh, whilst I stayed with Jaimie.

I got ready for bed when daddy popped home for a couple of hours. I love seeing daddy again, he gave me a quick kiss and cuddle before I went to dreamland. Luckely we are picking him up again in the morning and I will see him for 2 full days.

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