Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday 29-06-2007

The day started sunny and dry. Lots of people can not return to their houses as they are still flooded. Daddy had to rip all the carpets up at his work and lots of belonging had to be thrown as they just stank!

We did not pick Daddy up today, he caught a later train. So Mummy and I got dressed and had some breakfast. I had some baby-rice with banana today, lovely! I then had some tummy-time on the floor. I love passing toys from one hand to the other. The other thing I love doing is 'flapping' my arms up and down, especially when I am holding a rattle. When I am on my tummy I keep moving my fingers and use the 'crunchy' toy book to make lots of noise.

Mummy and I went to the supermarket to get some bits&bops. When we got back I found that daddy was home again :-). I spend the afternoon with Daddy because Mummy went to the practice. I have done my first solid-ish poo for Daddy, bit different from the curry-sauce I normally produce. I was very good and content this afternoon, lots of floor-time and singing/dancing with Daddy. Daddy has gone to see his friends in Sheffield for the weekend, I look forward to seeing him again on Sunday!

The next door baby-boy has got a name: Alistair William Edward Crosby. Mummy and Daddy were asked if they would be god-parents to his sister Niamh. They will both be christened sometime in October. So does that mean Niamh is my god-sister :-) and Henri my god-brother :-).

Elleh&Jaimie's baby-boy came home today for the 1st time. I think he is now 8 weeks, which means still 2 weeks premature. He is doing a little better everyday.

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