Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday 21-06-2007

Today is my 19th week birthday :-) It has been a lovely day, the weather was hot&sunny. I spend most of the day with my daddy as mum did a clinic this morning and had to do training in the afternoon. I have started to make some new sounds......ppppppp is one of them. Pppppppaaahhhhh is the other. Daddy and I did lots of imitation games in front of the mirror today.

I love having no nappy-time as I can really get my feet in my is the best taste :-) Mummy made me some 'breastmilk-strawberry-delight' which I quite liked after a few tries, I managed to stain my bib red in no time. I then had a taste of 'breastmilk-potato-mash'....not jet my favourite! The main course was followed by some baby-rice for dessert, that I loved! Despite all those tastes, I still wanted mummy her 'ready-made-booby-milk......Now that really it is the best taste of all!

I was a good girl today and was in bed and asleep by 7 pm.

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