Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Another trip to Holland (end July 2007)

On Sunday, Mummy and I went for another trip to Holland, to see opa & oma! Daddy dropped us off at the airport, before he drove up to Scotland to collect Alana, my big sister.

Big concrete blocks were placed in front of the 'drop off' zone at Humberston Airport, I think to prevent driving our Ford Focus into the lobby! We got to the luggage checking bit, were a security man held me, whilst Mummy had to taste all my food, blow the bubbles and put sudocrem on her hand......all to check that it is what it is. I was very good on the plane, played with the sick-bag and crinkly sugar sachet before falling asleep. We arrived nice and early in Amsterdam.

Small 'hick-up' at the passport control in Holland. The man looked at both out passports before asking 'can you proof that is your baby?'........after some silence, shock and a red hot head face, mummy said 'no I can not'. She should have taken my birth certificate with her.....silly mummy, she should have know.....Doh! So instead it was a trip to immigration for a DNA test. After some kerfuffle the man let us through customs, thank god!

Mummys friend Therese, Bert and their kids Jasper and Maud picked us up. We all went on a yellow doubledecker train. It was fun as Jasper and Maud had balloons to play with! We went to their home for a drink and something to eat.......and a little sleep for me of course.
Opa and Oma came to pick us up and off we went in the car to Woerden. Ome Frido also came to Woerden.

The next day we all went to see Ome Frido his new house and workshop, it was very cool! Me, mummy and Frido stayed at his workshop, whilst Opa and Oma went to some work. Ome Frido is a fashion-designer, he can make beautiful clothes......he is making me a little something, I can not wait to see and wear it. You can see some of his work if you Google 'frido van der weij'.

In the evening we went for a quick visit to Robert, Esmee and their twins, Jelle and Nienke. The twins are 3 years old, the boy really wild, the girl wanted to care for me. I loved watching them!

On Tuesday, we visited mummys friend Heleen, and her kids Daniel and Thijs. Husband Wim was at work. Daniel was wild, which I loved. I just love watching kids jump up and down. Thijs has unfortunately been diagnosed with Tay Sachs Syndrome and sadly he will progressively get worse. I am so glad mummy took me to see him.

We flew back on Tuesday evening, well after my bedtime. Mummy put me in the sling whilst walking around at the airport. No problems through security this time. There was so much to see that it was difficult to go to sleep. We were allowed to sit in the front of the bus which took us to our plane. Again, I had great fun with the sick-bag and was quite fascinated by the chair in front of us this time. It all got boring in the end, so I fell asleep.

Photos will follow shortly............

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