Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sunday 01-07-2007

I woke up at 5 am this morning, after going to bed at 6 last night and not waking up at all in the although it was an early start, I do not think Mummy can complain :-).

I got in Daddy's bed again to play with my new toys. The ball makes a lovely sound when i shake or roll it, I can no quite shake or roll with much direction. I love watching Mummy's face, imitating the movements and touching her face with my wet&sticky hands. I am fascinated by hair, and if you come close I will have to pull it to see what happens.

Mummy put me back in my cot bed when she had a shower. I can roll and move around now so I sometimes get myself stuck in all sorts of weird positions. I like to sleep as close to all my toys as I possibly can :-).

I had a play on my tummy in the blow-up-play-ring, sang some more songs......well, mummy did whilst I watched. I visited the new baby next door and Niamh played peek-a-boo with me. In the afternoon I went shopping with mummy and Julie, just to get some stuff for the holidays. I was so excited about everything I saw around me that I just had to squeal as loud as I could.....and as it made people laugh, I did it some more, and more, and more :-) and always with a big smile afterwards. I have gone back to the sound I used to make......rrrrrrrrrrrr, especially good when drinking milk.

I tried some potato-breast milk-mash and peachy-cereal for dinner. Brilliant to say ppppppppp when I have got food in my mouth :-). Mummy tried a little toothbrush on my gums, I was not sure about it. I have got the feeling that she will try again though!

Daddy got back when I was asleep in bed, so no 'wild' play with him unfortunately.

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