Thursday, 12 July 2007

Thursday 12-07-2007

It was all a bit stressful this morning. I do not know if Mummy was stressed because I war irritable or I was irritable because mummy was stressed.
We had to get up early as mummy had to do a clinic at a factory and I was going to be looked after by Laura, the neighbour girl from across the road. It was the 1st time I was going there! I just was not my usual happy self. Not sure if it was teething, tension, lack of sleep or just not a good day.

Mummy dropped me and pretty much all my toys at the neighbour at 8ish. I managed to have some peachy yogurt and milk for breakfast. But not had a sleep since waking. I was not the happiest baby in the world this morning!
There was a funny moment in it all though.....mummy gave me some no-nappy time this morning, and of course I rolled onto my tummy as that is my preferred position. And then.....I did a perfectly straight poo whilst continue to play with my toys. Mummy was just happy I am on solid food now and not doing my 'curry sauce poos'!

Mummy picked me up at 1230ish, after I had been 'challenging' for Laura. And guess what....I was absolutely lovely for the rest of the day, lots of babbling, smiling, rolling, playing!
Mummy and I went to the supermarket. Lots of people talked to me again whilst mummy was carrying me in the sling......I love watching and looking at everything.

Dinner time when we got home, I am starting to sit better in my highchair now. I still need a little help with sitting upright, but you can see daily improvement in my sitting-balance. Today was baby Hughie's expected delivery date......but since he was born early, he is actually 10 weeks old now.....very confusing! He is putting on weight nicely though, fingers crossed!
Six pm and I am ready for bed again.....Daddy got back from London and he popped home for an hour, unfortunately I was fast asleep and did not see him or the teddy he has brought back for me! I will see him again tomorrow :-)

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