Friday, 6 July 2007

Friday 06-07-2007

I woke at 5 am and decided that today, I was not going to go back to sleep after my feed :-) Luckily I am OK to entertain myself. So i was just in my cot bed, talking-singing-making googoo gaagaa grrrrrr ppppp aaaahhhh ieeeeeee sounds until Mummy and Daddy decided to join me.

First we took Daddy to work, he has got a long weekend and week ahead of him. Then Mummy dropped me off at Linda for a few hours. I had lots of floor play, an hours sleep and Linda sang lots of songs to me. Linda took me to see her 2 little dogs, they did not bark or move but I did not like them and cried. Mummy came to pick me up a couple of hours later and I had saved the biggest smile and giggle for her!

We went for a little drive and although the sun was shining lovely, the wind was sooooo strong that we could not stay outside for very long. So we went home for more floor play, singing, laughing and making noises. Had early dinner at 16.30 and I was so tired by 17.30 that I fell asleep without any problems.

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