Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday 05-07-2007

I woke up at 5 am as the sun was shining brightly! I do not think I was suppose to wake up yet, as Mummy came in my room to feed me, fed me and left thought I better try to sleep a bit longer.....I woke the house again at 7 am!

Mummy put the playmat/playgym in the cot bed so I could play and have no-nappy-time whilst mummy and daddy were getting ready for the day. I had 'bitty' and peachy-yogurt for breakfast.....hmmmm....sticky hands and face :-)

Daddy and I took mum to the practice, so daddy and I had LOTS of fun time together. We went into town, daddy pushed me in the pushchair. Because of the smoking ban, I could go into the cafe with daddy for a cup of tea. I played, well, slavered all over daddy's water bottle. We bought some nice food for me to eat later on. I stood on the cafe-table, screaming with excitement! Lucky it made all the people laugh and they told daddy how cute and lovely i was.....again!! :-)

When we got home, I found that my new highchair had arrived! It is a wooden one, which 'grows' with me. The great thing is, that I can now sit with Mummy and daddy at the table. Instead on in my bouncer on the table. Much nicer, although, I am still a little bit small as you can see.

I had carrot & sweetcorn puree, followed by banana/apple/peach delight for dinner. Finished it all of with a 'nightcap' of milk........ready for bed again.

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