Saturday, 14 July 2007

Saturday 14-07-2007

I woke early and a bit upset, but some milk and a cuddle soon settled me down. We had a nice and relaxed start of the day, just playing with daddy, cuddles with mummy and in between, a bit of napping. As you can see, I have most of my toys with me in my cot, sensory overload, but I am very happy!

Mummy got up to make and feed me some banana delight and I tried a bit of weetabix....hmmmm strange texture! Daddy changed and dressed me for the day, so he discovered that I don't lie still anymore. Getting dressed is a challenge and a game :-) I did lots of singing and playing with daddy.

Went out to the shops to get me a new top and a door-bouncer. I know it might put me on my toes a bit, but I am sure mummy will keep and eye on my feet :-). Daddy carrying me round the toy-shop, looking at lots of toys, shaking them and pressing buttons!

I had a go in the bouncer when we got home (pictures will follow), it is great to be up on my feet just like everybody else! I did not stay in it very long today as it was getting 'late' and I was ready for my dinner and sleep.

Daddy went out with work and the students who will be leaving next week. I had a cuddle with mummy before I fell asleep........

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