Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday 02-07-2007

I had a bit of an unsettled night. I would be asleep but all of a sudden I would wake up crying. Not sure if it was my teeth, or my maybe my tummy, or maybe just one of those days!

We took Daddy to work and I went with Mummy to the practice. I slept for most of it. Mummy took me to the big toy-shop, which I LOVED as there were so many colours and pretty things. Mummy kept pressing buttons to see how noisy the toys were, I think she prefers nice quiet and gentle sounds :-). We bought some presents for Hughie, Alistair and Ellie............and of course a present for Madeline! I got a soft cube with all sorts of nice touchy-feely stuff, it has a lovely chime when I shake it. I like holding it with both hands and shake it really hard.

We popped to see Elleh and Hughie, he is now home as you can see on the pictures. He is still very little and weighs about 2 Kg. His actual due-date is not till 12th July 2007. I played with some of his toys on the floor.

Then we quickly popped next door to see Alistair, before going home for dinner. Today I tried some homegrown cauliflower, some potato and some broccoli again. I also had some baby-custard and finished with some milk again. I must say, both mummy and I are getting better with feeding, not as messy today. Mummy 'brushed' my gums and my 'little bit of a tooth' before I was just too tired to stay awake.

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