Monday, 16 July 2007

Monday 16-07-2007

Ha...wide awake at 4 am! Mum came to give me a feed and thought that was it......but no, I wanted to roll over, lots, so that I would roll myself in such an awkward position and got stuck. I cry, mummy helps me out of awkward position, I smile, mummy back to bed, I roll again into awkward position, I cry, mummy frees me, I smile, I roll.....etc etc etc. It even got me tired after a while so I managed another little nap.

I had half a 'grown-up' weetabix (mixed with some sweet milk and bit of banana) for breakfast, it was lovely! We got dressed, kissed daddy bye-bye (he went to work on the train) and hopped in the car to go visit Elleh & baby Hughie. Shelagh was visiting baby Hughie as well.....which mend.....I had to work hard as I got 'physio-ed'. As you know, I roll brilliantly one way but just can not be bothered rolling back the other way. So I got some 'facilitation' to help me on my way. Hughie seems to be doing well, he is feeding well and certainly putting on a bit of weight, fingers crossed!

Today is a good day for blowing raspberries, amongst the other noises I make. I had no-nappy and floor time when we arrived back home. I soon felt hungry, for dinner was: pasta & ham, creamy carrot puree ans some fruit. Whilst I was waiting for mummy to get organised, she gave me a 'sponge finger biscuit'.....brilliant but very messy.

So the messy food had to be followed by a bath...........followed by deep sleep at 17.30 ?!?!?! It is difficult to keep me awake but I am not sure if 'going to bed earlier' means 'waking up earlier'!?

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