Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunday 08-07-2007

Sunday morning, 6 am, I wake up all smiling and happy! Mummy and I got up early as we are going to visit one of mums friends.
We pop to the shop first to get some things for daddy as he is going to London for the week. He is taking his students there for culture week and won't be back till friday. Daddy is coming home for an hour later in the afternoon, I can not wait.

We went for coffee at Leslies, I was admired by everybody :-) I played on my back, rolled over, played on my tummy and had a little sleep on the floor. Today is the first day that I had done a poo for every nappy change! Thought you might like to know that :-)

Daddy came home for an hour, so I pulled his hair, bit his nose, stuck my fingers in his mouth/ear/eyes and dribbled all over him........ah he does not mind!

It soon was dinner time again, beetroot/apple/artishoke puree (mummy did not make this herself).....not sure if I just did not like it as much or if I was just too tired to eat much. Off to bed, settled within no time!

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