Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wednesday 25-07-2007

The week has come round quickly, it is swimming day again! As usual, I woke at 0600, had some milk, played in the cot bed by myself until 0730 when Mummy got me up to give me my weetabix breakfast. As you can see on the pictures, mummy put a blob of weetabix on the table for me to pat my hands into it. And I can take my own bib off thank you very much! Daddy left to catch the train to work, I will see him later when he picks me up from the practice.

Swimming was fine today, although the pool was a little bit cold. I managed to do a poo in my swim-nappy :-) it is a good nappy as nothing came out! One of the other babies, Adam, will be going to the same nursery as me. After swimming we drove to the practice. I am really good at the practice, just happy sitting in my chair, bouncing up&down, talking to the patients and when it all got a bit boring.....well I just go to sleep.

Daddy picked me up and took me into town. We had some lunch and tea at one of the shops. He bought me some food too......unfortunately I was still a bit tired so had to show him up a bit by crying. I slept in the car whilst Daddy drove to one of his house (work). I had the biggest smile on waking, and there were lots of ladies who wanted to play with me, yippee!

When we got home, I had done another poo so needed changing. Then time for dinner and Daddy made me try a bit of sea-weed, hmmmmmm......not sure, it tasted a bit funny but I got great applause and cheers from mum and dad when I had eaten it. Weird those parents!

I have put some pictures in of my 2 bottom-teeth. Off to bed now as we are having a busy day tomorrow!

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