Saturday, 7 July 2007

Saturday 07-07-07

What a great birthday date you would have if you were born today!! Woke up as any other morning, bright and early.....5 am start again, but today I did go back to sleep for another couple of hours.

The weather was very confusing today......we go outside, it rains.....we go inside, the sun shines! It was like that pretty much all day :-( Anyway, no big problem as I have got lots of toys to play with.

Daddy came home for a few hours off-duty, which means lots of 'wild-play' and cuddles.....I love it when my Daddy comes home, I keep a secret smile just for him :-) I love touching his hair and his face, if I can I put my fingers in his mouth!

I have definitely mastered the art of imitation-coughing (it sounds a bit like Little Britain's 'the computer says NO')! However I think Mummy has noticed as she now laughs, smiles and talks to me when I am NOT coughing and ignores me when I am coughing. I can stop the coughing at any time to give a great big smile. Hmmmm hopefully they believe me when I have got a real cough :-)

I went to Tesco with Julie and Mummy, just nice to go for a drive and walk as I can look at lots of people, lights, colours etc.
Tonight's dinner was lamb, spinach and potato mash.....imagine the poo tomorrow! Now in bed again, fast asleep since 18.30............
The photos today are of my changing little face from birth to 5 months. Hmmmm not that much change....less hair than when I was born!

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