Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday 15-07-2007

Daddy came home somewhat 'early' and somewhat 'tipsy' :-) So mummy decided to sleep on my bedroom floor as Daddy was a little bit noisy....I didn't mind, I slept through it all!

When I woke up I thought I better roll over and have a look through the 'prison bars'....and what a surprise there was Mummy sleeping on the floor. So at 0530 I spat my dummy through the bars, landed on mummy and woke her......good! I wanted to play.........
I played on the floor with Mummy until I got tired and had another hours sleep, lovely!

Mummy and I went to church today. We went to the church where I am getting christened, just really to show face and let the people know who I am. It was a bit rainy when we walked down, but there were some interesting trees, houses and cars to look at.

Everybody talked and smiled at me in church. When I say 'everybody', I mean the 5 people that were there! (well a few more). It is only a very small church, everybody was very friendly.
The had a choir......of 3 very old people who walked in with walking sticks :-). And there was even a bell-ringer, well, a lady pulling a cord :-).
I was very good until the high-pitched-out-of-tune-singing started, it didn't make me cry but I did feel I should let them hear my the end it got all too much for me and I fell asleep on mummy's shoulder, only to wake up when we were walking home.

John and Julie popped round for a cup of tea, daddy had a play with me, I had broccoli/cauliflower/cheese for lunch and ham/pasta for dinner. I spend quite some time playing, rolling on the floor. I still need a bit of help with sitting, but getting stronger everyday.

Remind daddy and mummy not to give me red food when I have got clothes on or when they are in a is messy ;-). Had a bath to clean my red-food-stained-body&face before another little play and sing on the floor. Straight to bed and settled lovely........

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