Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Wednesday 04-07-2007

An early start today after a fairly good nights sleep! Got up as normal, waking Mummy by making some sounds and noises. I had my breakfast early today as we are going swimming!
Today was the 1st swimming 'sing-a-song-and-splash-along' where we all got to wear armbands for the whole lesson! As you can imagine, the armbands covered my arms from shoulder to wrist. No way I was going to get my thumb in my mouth with those on!

I quickly went with mum to the shop before picking Daddy up from work. Of course I was fast asleep by the time we got to his work. Mummy dropped me and Daddy of at home, Mummy went to do the Novartis Clinic for a couple of hours. I slept a bit whilst with Daddy but when I woke up he played with me. Floor play, 'wild' songs, rough-and-tumble play and we listened to Dolly Parton.....I love listening to her!

Later in the afternoon, Lyndsey (Nursery Nurse) came to visit me. She did some baby-massage with me, I was covered in sunflower-oil. It feels really nice, but it does not relax, I feel like kicking my legs ans swinging my arms like I have never done before! She weight me, I now weigh 5.8 kg. So I am not a massively big baby, but very active and content!

Dinner got a bit messy today as I was swinging my arms up and down, the food 'flew' everywhere. So even though I have been swimming this morning, I got a bath this evening. It has been a busy day, I was asleep the minute I hit the bed!

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