Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wednesday & Thursday (18/19-07-2007)

Wednesday is my swimming-day. I had a bit of an unsettled night were I woke a few times, maybe its the heat?! However, that wasn't going to spoil my fun in the water. Usual breakfast of one weetabix, milk and banana (listen to me, 'usual', i have had that breakfast now for 2 days :-)).

I am wearing the arm-bands again in the water, and no....I still haven't grown into them yet! I can not float yet, mainly because I still like playing with my feet, even IN the water! I have no problems now with going right underwater with my face, although it still startles me a bit.

We picked daddy up after swimming, it was great to have him home again! Mummy went to work for a few hours so me and dad had the afternoon to our self. I was in a good mood, lots of smiles, giggles and movements. I love trying to sit up now, even though I still need a bit of help.

Who needs toys, I am quite entertained by cardboard boxes, plastic bags, anything that crinkles or makes a funny noise when I scratch it really! I love playing rolling over and over and over on the floor.

On Thursday I got up early for breakfast, played with mummy before she had to go to work, played with daddy before he dropped me off at Helen from next door. Daddy had to attend the graduation ceremony from college. I didn't mind going to play next door as there were all new toys to play with.

I had spinach and risotto for my dinner........hmmmm........lovely! With banana for desert. I tried sitting up in the bath (with a little help of course) as I can really splash with my hands and kick with my little legs....mummy got quite wet! As you can see from the photos, when I got out of the bath and all dried, mummy thought it was a good idea to put a nappy on my head......well I thought it was better to pull it off again :-). I went to sleep like a little baby..............

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