Saturday, 28 July 2007

Saturday 28-07-2007

This will probably the last blog till Wednesday as Mummy and I are going to Holland, and Daddy is going to Scotland, picking my big sis Alana up. Anyway, woke at 0630, which threw my mummy completely, she was all ready to feed me at 0600! You cant let those parents get complacent you see :-).

It was a glorious day today, the first and probably the last of this summer! So me, mummy and daddy got up early. We all had breakfast at the table, but I was so distracted by daddy pulling silly faces that I only managed to eat half my weetabix. Mummy put some banana in front of me to play with, lovely! She also helped me to drink some milk out of a cup, how grown up!

We all popped to the shops to get some stuff for the BBQ before going back home to play, play play and play some more! Mummy and Daddy thought they challenge me by mashing a boiled egg into my spinach, parsnip and basil concoction. I wasn't quite sure about the slippery bits but I tried!

When I got back both mummy and daddy played with me on the floor, but I had better things to do. I pulled the blow-up ring towards me, until it fell upside down on top of me. I loved being under it, thrashing my arms about, kicking my legs until i got the tire so that I could turn around. Never play with toys in the way they were mend to play with, that is today's motto.

Mummy and Daddy had BBQ food for dinner, I tried some Vietnamese River Cobbler fish.....I quite liked that and I am really starting to be able to chew. It was 'washed' down with pumpkin/sweet potato/apple/blueberry mash, I had a swig of watered down juice, and finished with fruity fromage frais.

Mummy had a bath with me and gave me a massage! What a relaxed finish of the folks.....enjoy my photos.....I will be a whole load bigger when I return on Wednesday!

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