Friday, 27 July 2007

Happy Half Year Birthday To Me (26/27-07-2007)

Happy Half-Birthday to me, Happy Half-Birthday to me, Happy Half-Birthday dear Madeline......Happy Half-Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

OK the day started all relaxed with me waking up at 6, mummy feeding me milk and weetabix, making Daddy cup of tea before he jumped on the train. Only to realise when Daddy had left, that Mummy's keys were locked in the car! Mummy threw some clothes on me, popped me in the buggy and we hopped on the train. Mummy had 1 patient to see so I came in and just laid in my chair watching the people work hard.
I got my birthday present, my first ride in a taxi! And as taxi-drivers don't need car seats, I was allowed to sit on Mummy's knee.......which made it my first car journey facing forwards......well I was fascinated watching the taxi-driver. I hope mummy and daddy will turn my car seat round soon!
In the afternoon I went swimming with baby Ellie and her Mummy. We went to a posh pool at the forest pines hotel. There were lots of lovely people. There was also a little girl in a wheelchair who said she loves babies, so mummy let me sit on the girls knee, lots of big smiles! I did do a poo in my swimming-nappy, oops, lucky I wasn't in the pool yet :-).
I am eating just about anything you put in front of me! Mummy took me to baby-clinic and I can tell you that I now weigh 6.04 kilograms / 13.4 pounds! I love looking into the mirror or looking at faces. I am starting to bang my toys on anything and everything. And I really like noisy toys! When I am on the floor I just roll and roll and roll :-).
On Thursday, Mummy took me shopping for presents to take to Holland at the weekend and we just did all sorts of stuff that had to be done. We popped in to Mummy's place at work at the hospital, only 4 weeks until she is going back to full time work. I was mostly a good girl until mummy's boss held me.....I cried and cried and cried......You know what, I did that as well when she came to see me when I was only a few hours old :-) not trust them :-).
Julie and her mum, Pam, popped over for a coffee whilst I was having my dinner. Spinach again today, Yummy! And I tried a small pot of fromage fraise (kwark) which I absolutely loved!
Not many nights sleep now till I am seeing opa, oma and uncle Frido again......and them when I come back I will be with my big sister Alana for 6 weeks......I can not wait! All that attention :-)

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