Monday, 9 July 2007

Monday 09-07-2007

I woke at 0430 for a change, since this was somewhat on the early side, I went back to sleep after a feed and woke for a second time at 0730.....that's better :-)

We went for a visit next door to see baby Alistair (see photo), I reckon it won't be long until he is the same weight as me. Erica played with me, and I fell asleep on her shoulder. I have been given a soft play mobile phone, it is just a cushion with some buttons (nothing like the old-fashioned shaped phones) however, I like playing with mums real mobile phone much better! Even though it tastes like nothing, I just love putting it in my mouth.

Talking about my mouth, my right bottom tooth is still coming through and I have noticed that my left bottom tooth is trying to come through as well. So far it is not bothering me at all. I just like rubbing my tongue along the sharp edge.

In the afternoon we went to see baby Hughie, he is now 10 weeks old and nearly 5 pounds heavy. His actual birthday should have been this coming Thursday. I wasn't all that interested in the baby but loved looking at Elleh and loved watching Henri even more! He just makes me giggle. I am getting pretty good at rolling and can actually roll my way to a target. I am sending more and more time on my tummy and am slowly discovering that I can push myself forwards on my tummy. I am not very fast or very successful yet but I will get there!

Lamb/spinach/potato mash, followed by some banana puree for dinner. Always finish of with milk and today a bath! In bed, fast asleep.......

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