Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tuesday 10-07-2007

We had a visit from Lyndsay, the health visitor, today. She came to do baby-massage and a talk about weaning from milk to foods. Mummy didn't tell her that she is already feeding me vegetables and fruit stuff, she just listened.

I squealed and wiggled during the massage, feet in my mouth, rolling over.........anything but lying still and relaxed. Mummy and Lyndsay were laughing so I just continued as it must have been funny :-)

As it was a warm day, Mummy filled a bucket with water and 'plonked' me in it.....I am well impressed as you can see on the photo's! Naaaa, I really did enjoy it, loved splashing the water and no nappy time in my UV-protective suit (a little too big).

After that, mummy and I popped to the practice as mummy was treating one patient. As it was a child and her mum, I was allowed in the room with everybody. I was a very good girl. I did not talk, just watched and moved my arms up&down.

A quick visit into town afterwards. We just had to pick up a cushion for my highchair and a pat-mat....I will show you in the next few days. Mummy also got me a teething thing.

Dinner today was beetroot/apple/artichoke (I liked it today) and creamy broccoli, washed down with a swig of milk, yummy! Mummy 'brushed' my two teeth after dinner, see I am really growing up :-)

I sleep the same way as my Daddy.....my face covered a cloth! Nice, dark, warm and cosy :-). Daddy is still in London. They visited Kensington Palace today. He is really enjoying it, just hard work.

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