Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sunday 22-07-2007

It was nice to wake up with both mummy and daddy around. I got some milk before mummy took me to daddy. It was great because he threw me up in the air, sang silly songs to me and cuddled me. I did get irritated after awhile so mummy took me downstairs to help me with my breakfast, while daddy went out to get himself a McDonald's breakfast. I have put a few pictures on so you can see how much I look like my daddy.......I have got my mummy's sunny nature though :-).

Mummy and I walked (well I was carried) to church again. There were some different people, but I am pleased to say the same 3 old choir dears came out to sing. Now......last week mummy thought, although somewhat high-pitched, the singing was good. Today she realised was a tape of a proper choir! Don't you just love it! You will experience it all if you are coming to my christening on the 9th September 2007 :-).

We did the usual when we got home, playing on the floor, having lunch, playing in the cot, sitting up in the Bumbo seat........and that all whilst daddy worked hard doing the laundry and cleaning the house. We had a play with some pots and pans, banging them and 'eating' them. I can sit up much better, not long now till I can do it all by myself.

Julie, John and Johns youngest daughter Amy popped by to see me. I was fascinated by 6 year old Amy, she helped me in the bath and helped me getting dried and dressed for bed. I got a bit upset as I was sooooo tired, but I was away the minute mummy put me in bed.....

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