Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Wednesday 11-07-2007

Daddy is still in London, so when I woke up this morning I was allowed in his bed. Now, usually I am quite happy lying in bed, talking, smiling etc........this morning I decided to show of my rolling skills. I am better at rolling to the right than to left, so I started rolling from Daddys side of the bed to Mummys side of the bed, pushing mummy out of bed! So that is it now, better not leave me on my own anymore because I am the roll-master! Mummy sang 'There are 10 in the bed.....' to make the rolling even more fun.

We went swimming this morning. I got my massive armbands on and 'hop' in the water. I fully submerged and put my head under water, I am getting much better with that and even start to enjoy it! I can not show you a picture of me in the pool as we are not allowed to take pictures of children in public places anymore.....gone a bit over the top if you ask me but hey!

After the pool we popped to the practice where Linda looked after me whilst mummy saw 3 patients. I did not really need entertaining as I was quite happy sitting in my bouncing chair!

When mummy had finished we drove to Shelagh and David. Shelagh was mummys boss when she worked as a childrens physiotherapist. I had lunch with them, banana-something it was for me. I was a bit unsettled as I had not had a good sleep after my swim, so mummy put me in the sling and we went for a walk round the village and fields. I missed most of it as I was asleep in no time.

When we got back home, I was hungry again so mummy got me some Tomato Risotto was red as you can see on the pictures. Although I really liked it, I was just too tired to concentrate for very long. I kept moving my arms which made some of the 'red food' fly around the kitchen. No problem, we like a bit of messy play. It did mean that I needed a bath though. After a quick bath it was bed and sleep for me!

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