Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Monday & Tuesday (23/24-07-2007)

I have had a couple of nights were I have woken a few times, no idea why....maybe my teeth, maybe a bad dream, maybe hungry or thirsty, maybe tummy ache......or maybe I just wanted a kiss and cuddle!
On Monday, Mummy and I were going to go the baby-playgroup in the village. However they were fixing the roof, so instead we went to visit Jaimie, Elleh, Henri and baby Hughie. The schools have broken up for their summer holidays now, so I can go and play lots with Henri. Daddy had to go into work as unfortunately parts of Louth were flooded again. Luckily the houses were OK this time. Lots and lots of people in England were no so lucky, millions of people are without water, electricity or a home to live in. Over 2 and half metres of water, unimaginable!

In the afternoon, mummy had a coffee at Jude's whilst I got cuddles and played on the floor. Daddy arrived back home, just as I was about to have my dinner. It was nice as I could eat whilst watching daddy cook........
On Tuesday, we all went out to visit the nursery again. Daddy took me round and both him&me like the place a lot! So the decision has been made, I will be attending the nursery on Mondays and Thursdays. Starting probably from the Thursday after my christening. by then I will be about 8 months and hopefully I will be able to sit and crawl.
Mummy had to do a clinic so I stayed with Daddy. I am getting good at developing my will-power......I rather eat/rip/crunch paper than let daddy feed me lunch. I am now beginning to know how to throw a paddy! It worked, I got to play with the envelope :-) Result!
I had a funny dinner today. Bit of weetabix, followed by beetroot/apple/artichoke, followed by pear. I ate it all.........
I am developing lovely, still need a bit a help with sitting, sitting in highchair is not a problem now, I can roll to the left/right, I like sleeping on my tummy, you better keep anything you dont want chewing on out of my way and I can be very verbal/loud :-)

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