Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Tuesday 17-07-2007

I did wake up early again this morning, but managed to sleep a bit more before mummy took me into her bedroom. I rolled about on daddy's side, played with my feet and hands for a while until it was time for breakfast.

I ate one whole weetabix thing with milk! Mummy gave me a biscuit finger to play with whilst sitting in my bouncing chair. I am also learning to use a Tommy Tippee cup with spout, it has got water in it....strange taste really.

I still need some support with sitting but I feel I am getting stronger every day. I definitely starting to prefer the upright position rather that lying down. I am trying to pull my knees to my chest when I am lying on my tummy. It is very tiring to do that at the moment, but soon it will be 'a piece of cake'.

I went with mummy to the practice where we saw one patient. After that we popped to the supermarket to pick up some beers for Daddy. He is coming home again tomorrow, yippee!

I can not really play out at the moment as the weather is too unpredictable. It tends to get nice by the time I am fast asleep in bed! So I am just having lots of playtime on the floor, in the bouncing chair, in the cot and on mummy......suits me, I am having a great time.

Dinner was spinach/parsnip/basil mash......very green but I absolutely LOVED it. Finished of with apple/banana/pear stuff, which was lovely too. I did not have a bath tonight, but mummy massaged me before bedtime. I found it quite relaxing today.....so much so that I was asleep again in no-time.

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