Saturday, 21 July 2007

Friday & Saturday (20/21-07-2007)

We waved Daddy off on the train in the morning, had my weetabix breakfast, got dressed and hopped in the car. Mummy and Daddy have decided to put me in a nursery for 2 days a week. So from September we are going try; Monday-nursery, Tuesday-daddy, Wednesday-swimming with mum, afternoon with daddy, Thursday-nursery, Friday-daddy and the weekend-family time! This way daddy can continue to do some work outside the house. We will just see how it goes and change it if its not working.

So mummy and I first visited the hospital nursery, it was very busy and loud......even if we like it, they do not have a place till January. After that we went to visit 'The Children's House' in Stallingborough. The people were very friendly, the cook the food on the premises from fresh local produce and the have 3 children to 1 teacher. It looked all very lovely, light and clean.....mummy and I have fallen in love with this place. We will take daddy round next week, hopefully he likes it as much as we do! if you would like to have a look.

When we got home, the postman brought a parcel, addressed to me ,Madeline. The parcel contained a 2007 Steiff British Collectors Bear as you can see on the photo's. The mystery had no note, no card, no senders address, no nothing with or on it is an absolute mystery who has sent me this gorgeous bear! Thank you very much secret Santa :-)

Mummy and I also visited the police station as a big jar with 'loose change' charity money has been stolen from the practice. It was very heavy, but the young fellow was too fast, mummy saw him get away on his BMX bike. Very disappointing but hey....the police-lady was very friendly and she let me chew the telephone cord.
At the moment I like to touch anything that comes close to me, and then ideally put it in my mouth. I think I am very helpful trying to assist with the packing of the shopping :-). Mummy now just make a 'plastic-bag-ball-which-crinkles-lots' to shut me up. I am playing the game at the moment but soon that wont work anymore!
I also love ripping paper and eating it, it doesn't taste really nice but I get the feeling that it is not the done therefore I just do it a bit more :-)
Daddy came home on Saturday, but it was the morning after the night out so I had to be lovely and gentle with him....which I am, naturally!
On Friday mummy gave me a massage, I am starting to relax a bit more, although 'cycling-in-the-air' and kicking with my legs is my favourite activity when I haven't got a nappy on. Today, I had a bath, just to show that my hair IS growing, mummy put it in a Mohegan (hanecam).
The weather has been awful these last days, and again lots of the UK is flooded, poor people......anyway, that does not keep me awake so by the time you are reading this.....I am in dreamland, far far away!

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