Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tuesday 03-07-07

Woke a couple of times in the night as I was hungry, it happens, I am a growing girl after all! I started the day easy, bit of milk, bit of banana-delight, bit of play......bit more sleep.

Mummy did some jobs around the house before we went to visit Eileen (Julie's mum-in-law, she is staying with Tom&George as Julie is away). Another new face, I acted a little bit shy at first....interesting how I 'know' how to act shy as nobody teaches you that. It is a new way of getting a reaction from people. Mummy still gave me to Eileen though, shy acting or not! I fell asleep on Eileen's shoulder......when I woke, it was time to go home!

In the afternoon we had a visit of Mummy's colleague Helen and her baby Ellie. Ellie was born 1 week after me. I am starting to get more of an interest in other babies. I like looking at her and I tried to reach for her when we were playing on the floor. I did some loud squealing, which shocked Ellie, I suppose I just have to let her know who's house this is :-).

I think i have learned something new.....not entirely sure but I think I can imitate coughing. I start coughing when Mummy walks away from me, then when she comes back to see me I smile.....she walks away, I cough......she comes back, I smile.......again, and again, and again......great game!

I had vegetable-chicken casserole for dinner, followed by some banana/apple-custard, I am really liking my dinners now! I had a bath, mummy poured water all over me with the watering-can, and went straight to bed afterwards. Fast asleep now....

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